And we’re live!


Hi Readers!

As I look on the internet at all of the different TV and film blogs and websites, I see two things. 1) That there are tons of them! and 2) I want more. So I decided to give myself more. The unique twist about this blog is that I want to recognize that the way we as people view the media is changing.

I was asked in a survey last year, “What screen do you look at most often?” I didn’t really understand the question. So the surveyor clarified, “You know? TV? Computer? Watch? Cell Phone? Clock” I was instantly taken aback by how much of my day is spent looking at screens. They’re every where! It’s the 21st centuries way of communicating information. We send texts and e-mails instead of phone calls and letters. I watch most of my TV and movies on my laptop at my own convenience. We are at once interconnected and completely removed.

I could wax on about the dying culture of this and the lack of values on that, but truth be told… I like it. I can’t say I like it better, I never lived another way. But I like watching my TV on my laptop so this blog brings you anything you can find on a screen. Mostly movies and television. I’m a little awards obsessed, but I understand they don’t really mean anything. But I’ll also write about video games, Youtube videos, books (I’ll pretend I read them on a Kindle), and heck, maybe even watches and clocks. So thanks for starting this journey with me, and we’ll see where this adventure takes us!


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