Short Stack: 10/13

So one of the things that doesn’t get enough press in the online film blog community are short films. Especially in regards to the oscar race, the short films get relegated to this “too difficult to predict”, “nobody’s seen them”, and “wildcard/who cares?” quagmire of obsolescence. But short films are really where it’s at. Most of the great film makers working today started making short films, and still do. This holds even more true in the Animated short category (A category I might add that predates the Animated feature category by 70 years). So let’s take a look at the process, shall we?

From what I’ve gathered there are two main ways that a short film can be eligible. 1) Have a release in Los Angeles for longer than a week. I don’t live in L.A. but I don’t think this is common. So 2) Win a major award at a film festival. This is probably where most of the pool comes from. There approximately 70 different festivals. And you have to win between October 1st and September 30th of the competing year, the same timeline for foreign films. It looks we just passed that deadline and I will be working dilligently to accrue a list of all eligible short films.

But what’s the fun in the short films if you can’t see them? So I’ll eventually get a complete list, but I’ll only post the ones with links.

Dime Que Yo – won the Goya Short Film Award in 2010. I couldn’t understand it, but I liked it anyway.

Departure of Love – won the AMPAS Award for Animated Student Short. Really cute. Great narrative. Probably not weighty or long enough to contend, but definitely a shortlist possibility. It won’t embed, but be sure to follow this link.

Surface: Film from Below – won the AMPAS  Award for Experimental Student Short. Super interesting, and very unique. I would love to see this shortlisted, but alas…

I Close My eyes and Walk Away – won the Athens Film Festival Experimental Short Award. No chance, but really artsy.

The Machine – won the Atlanta Film Festival Animated Short. Way too weird. Way.




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