How I Met Your Mother: Architect of Destruction

This episode is the one where we meet her. The ONE! FINALLY THE GIRL who may or may not be the mother. I’m just about done with it. And that’s mainly because I’m positive that she’s not the mother. That’s really just cause I don’t believe that she would be Rachel Bilson’s roommate. But I digress.

This week’s episode featured Ted meeting a new love interest who wanted to protect a building he wanted to tear down. This love interest is named Zoey and played by the House famous Jennifer Morrison. Now I didn’t watch her on House, but people either love her or hate her. And based on this one ep of HIMYM, I think I hate her. She just seemed really cardboard and forced the whole time, which is something the show really doesn’t ever have. I do hope to see this plot develop a little further and maybe she will improve over time.

The side plot had Marshall worrying that Lily was talking to Robin behind his back because he heard that Robin’s boyfriend had a small penis. First of all, whenever there are plot lines like this where some one has a small penis, or is bad in bed, or is the erectile dysfunction spokesperson, I always wonder… Will they ever escape this image? From now on, a guest actor named Geoff Stults will always have a small penis. Shmeh.

This episode was really not one of the best and certainly doesn’t compare to last week’s instant classic Subway Wars, but it was definitely funny. Jason Segel’s freakout and then recovery was priceless. When he fed Lily the lines to what she had to tell Robin, his delivery was pitch perfect in the crazy and desperate and under-appreciated that Marshall always is. Well done Segel!

Best line: “Max is both his name and his level of awesomeness.” – Marshall


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