Movie Review: “Megamind” is (surprisingly) Mega Fun!

Megamind 7/10

Hot on the trails of Despicable Me, Megamind was sure to look silly and washed up in response. But the film sends a completely different message and, in my humble opinion, responds to the notion of super villains as heroes in a much better way. Will Ferrell expertly voiced our “hero” Megamind as well as a host of his secret identities – including a Godfather/Wayne Newton oddball.

The trailer sets up the film to be about the rivalry between Metro City’s beloved hero Metro Man and our cyan protagonist Megamind. But just when you think the movies going to zig, it zags. Right out of the gate, Megamind defeats Metro Man!!! I was actually shocked that they would kill off one of their main marketing tools, but they did! And the payoff was great.

The story then became about Megamind’s existential crisis without his nemesis. What is a villain without a hero? This is the main question that the movie tries to answer. It kinds of dances around the questions, but by the end, there has been enough commentary on it that we sort of emerge with an answer.

The movie also responds to my main problem with The Incredibles. If you need a quick refresher, I have a problem that Syndrome in The Incredibles doesn’t have powers and therefore can’t be special. The Incredibles makes a case for needing powers first, then using them. Megamind responds and posits that everyone has powers, its how you use them that will earn you a place in history. I think this is a much more powerful version of that message. I can only hope that screenwriters Alan J. Schoolcraft and Brent Simons had it in mind as an active dialogue.

Overall, the movie is a fun, typical Dreamworks Animation romp. It has lots of funny jokes, a few more topical references than your average film, but still very solid. There are some great twists involving a watch that changes your appearance and a really touching romance between a reporter and the Metro Man specialist in town.

Oscar Chances: Kind of slim. Since only 15 animated films qualified, there will only be 3 nominees. And since Toy Story 3 and How to Train Your Dragon are all but assured as two of them, Megamind is battling for the third spot. While it’s the third best animated movie I’ve seen, I’m still missing 10. And The Illusionist, Tangled, and Despicable Me (which I thought was just alright) are its challengers.


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