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December 16, 2010

SAG Nominations!

I haven’t posted in a while, but here are today’s Screen Actors Guild nominees fresh from the live announcement on TNT.

As always there were a couple surprises, but this set of nominations is definitely showing how things are trending in the big race.

In the Best Actor race, we have three locks: Colin Firth, James Franco, and Jesse Eisenberg. But it seems those last two spots are the most malleable in the race. Bridges and Duvall got the push today, but Gosling and Wahlberg gathered steam yesterday with the Globes. Robert Duvall fills the veteran actor slot, is well loved, and was an early critics favorite, so I think the Globes was just a minor speedbump. I know voters don’t really think this way, but since Bridges is on the bubble and won the Oscar last year, I’d think that they will ignore him for either Wahlberg or Gosling. I feel there are already enough critics favorites, so I’m guessing Wahlberg is going to fill the populist spot.

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