A Fast and Beautiful Year

As I was preparing to really kick this blog in high gear win the new Oscar season starts (i.e. February 27th at approximately 11:36 PM if my length of ceremony guess is correct), I started with a calendar reboot for the Short Stack Feature which I ran a couple of times to extremely great personal success. While poring through all of the eligible festivals and their winners, I discovered a gem of a short film.

“A Year Along the Abandoned Road”

Oof. Even the title is hauntingly beautiful. The concept? In the late ’80s, Norwegian filmmaker Morten Skallerud staked himself out in one fjord for an entire year and filmed the entire year. Each day, he would move the camera a few feet. This creates this eerily perfect sweeping effect across the mostly abandoned village. The years worth of footage is strung together and then sped up to 50,000 times real speed. This means the year clocks in under 12 minutes. The pace captures this elegiac and almost mythical place that is helped by the weird soundtrack (minus the Kenny G-esque soprano sax). Treat yourself to a quick watch and reflect on the last year of your life. Or just enjoy the visuals.


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