My Final 2010 Oscar Predictions!

Wow has this year gone by. It seems like just a few seconds ago I was the only one actually cheering on Avatar in the face of The Hurt Locker. Alas, here we are another year later. This year I saw 50 movies! A record for me in one year. I hope this next year to do even better. I saw all 10 best picture nominees in theatres, I saw 19/20 acting nominees (damn you Javier Bardem!), I got to “discover” John Hawkes’ performance in Winter’s Bone before his buzz took off, and I started this blog.

Without further ado, here are my final predictions… mainly so I can cement them and look back after the race and kick myself.

Best Picture: The King’s Speech

Between all of the “The Queen loved it!” and the “Find Your Voice!” campaigns, this movie hit it’s stride just right.

Director: David Fincher – The Social Network

I can’t see people voting for such an unknown like Tom Hooper. David Fincher is the only Academy Veteran in the bunch and he’s certainly deserving this year.

Actor: Colin Firth – The King’s Speech

Actress: Natalie Portman – Black Swan

Supporting Actor: Christian Bale – The Fighter

Supporting Actress: Melissa Leo – The Fighter

This is probably the most difficult category to call. After Leo-gate (the laughable self advertisements), it seemed as if she had lost steam to Helena Bonham Carter or Hailee Steinfeld. I think it at least put her name in the mix more and people were talking about her. That’s never a bad thing. Plus she was in my dream last night.

Adapted Screenplay: Aaron Sorkin – The Social Network

Original Screenplay: David Seidler – The King’s Speech

Art Direction: Alice in Wonderland

Kris Tapley made the case that a Tim Burton film has never lost Art Direction. Nathaniel Rogers made the case that the film title suggests art direction (How does one create a wonder-land?). That’s enough for me.

Cinematography: Wally Pfister – Inception

When it comes down to it, the cinematographers aren’t on the ballot so Roger Deakins won’t be recognized for his overdue work, and the shots of Joseph Gordon Levitt in the gravity defying hotel are so iconic that I think people will remember this lensing the best. Plus, it’s a mildly higher profile way to honor Inception.

Costume Design: The King’s Speech

This is a shot in the dark. I think people like royalty to win here.

Film Editing: The Social Network

Makeup: Barney’s Version

Giamatti’s win at the Golden Globes gave this movie a slightly bigger push. I think people might remember it better than the Wolfman and actually saw it, as opposed to The Way Back.

Original Score: The King’s Speech

Alexandre Desplat is quickly overdue and the score is surprisingly unique and memorable. Maybe not the best, but it will get swept up in momentum.

Original Song: “If I Rise” – 127 Hours

The academy votes based on how the song is used in context of the film. This one is used pretty powerfully in 127 Hours and is beautiful on it’s own.

Sound Editing: Inception

Sound Mixing: Inception

Visual Effects: Inception

Documentary Feature: Exit Through the Gift Shop

It’s getting talked about so much, I don’t see how people can’t be watching. And after they watch it, they realize it’s the best.

Animated Film: Toy Story 3

Foreign Film: In A Better World

Safe choice, most buzz. It is committee voted, but I’ve heard it’s sappy.

Live Action Short Film: God of Love

I think the title is ironic, or meaningful or something.

Documentary Short Film: Killing in the Name

Chinese things never win, and the others seem more light hearted. I’ll give the edge to the title that carries the most gravitas.

Animated Short Film: The Gruffalo

My favorite of the 3 I saw and supposedly an instant British classic.


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