“The Killing” – 3 Episode Madness

The "Every Hour Counts" line was a kind of throw away line in the pilot... Will it return as a theme?

When I look at the scores of shows I watch, I realize that they are all comedies. So I made a vow to watch all of the good dramas that came out this year (that weren’t procedurals). This makes it 2 for 2 when it comes to AMC. After The Walking Dead turned out to be a whole mix of interesting and surprising things episode to episode, I’m really excited about The Killing.

The premise is pretty simple. It follows the case of a 17-year-old girl named Rosie who was found murdered. This remake of a Danish hit series has everything a good cop show needs: it has a great grieving family, mischievous teens, a shady politician, and of course, two mismatched cops! As there have now been three episodes in 2 weeks, things are really starting to take off. There have been so many leads to the killer I can’t keep them all straight. However, the editors never let you forget what’s important – it’s the grief, the pain, the acceptance, and the guilt. 

Every actor on the show is pretty good, no complaints here. The stand-outs are definitely the two cops and the mother. Mireille Enos plays the lead female cop, Linden. Enos seems to bring a gravitas to every scene she’s in and already her character feels lived in. She definitely is filled with an unwavering sense of maturity and respect, but is certainly not without her flaws. She has an emotional distance that is slowly starting to get played with on the show through problems with her fiancé and her son. Her foil is Holder played by Joel Kinnaman. He’s the street wise newbie to the team, but uses his instincts to get him places. His constant toying with morality is scary and awesome. I always feel like he’s going to drop kick someone who he really shouldn’t… and shouldn’t every character have that kind of tension?

But my real favorite is the grieving mother, played by Michelle Forbes. The sad thing is I feel like I’ve seen her character every where. I want the show, nay, I need the show to surprise me in this department just a little more. Fortunately, Forbes brings the raw emotion to spice up an otherwise typical scenario. Who else is ready to watch her descend into madness? It’s her only move!

If the show respects itself, and its audience, we will have already met the killer. It’s more fun that way right? You don’t want the killer to be some rando douchebag who you meet two episodes before he goes down. You want him to be a villain you thought you knew, thought you trusted. That is why my money is on… Jasper the douchy ex boyfriend. Sure it seems too obvious, but he’s got some daddy issues and he’s kinda messed up. I like that in my murderers.


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