The Killing: A Soundless Echo

He'll never quite make it to Mad Men.


So we knew the English teacher was going to be more involved. I don’t think he’s the killer. Sure I’m a little surprised to get the cliffhanger that the murdered Rosie Larsen might have been dating Bennet. But he was a little too omnipresent, a little too comforting in “The Cage” to be a bit player. Plus he was a sketch ball supreme with the favorite book nonsense to Rosie’s mom, Mitch (And he was slated for a jillion episodes on IMDb so I knew he wasn’t going to fizzle out). I also really liked how Linden and Holder came to the same conclusion in different ways. If you were paying close attention though, Holder’s way is actually Linden’s plan B. But that didn’t make the storytelling less effective. If they do try and set up a “who’s the better detective” situation though… Holder will fail.

This episode also proved the ubiquity of Alan Dale in the TV world. He is everywhere. He was first on “The OC”, then “Ugly Betty”, he popped up for a while on “Lost” and now he’s here! The man can choose a TV show. I don’t know if unique yours-truly approved projects seek him out or what, but he’s a welcome face on any show. He always brings the perfect amount of upper class charm. And he’s not only the local senator, but also Gwen’s father! It’s not really a twist at all, but it’s something I’m sure will be exploited soon.

My money is still on Jasper. There’s something off about him.


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