“Antichrist” – You can’t prepare yourself.

I’m not sure if I’m upset or relieved that I knew a few things about this movie going into it. I feel I was robbed a bit of the element of surprise. However, this lack of surprise is probably the only way I actually made it through. It is a fucked up movie, but I’ll say it – in all the best ways possible.

This movie has a lot of people drinking the hater-ade. It’s an easy movie to hate. In something that I would not consider a spoiler, there is a chapter to the movie titled “Gynocide”. The film maker is also a fairly detestable human being. He is the self proclaimed “best film maker to have ever lived”. That might not be true, but his lack of humility is not keeping me from enjoying a movie. Should that be a conversation people have? That’s another question for another time.

The very basics of the plot are easy. Stricken by grief, Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg play a couple that retreats to their cabin in the woods. There, they both start to unhinge as emotions haunt them. A pretty quick logline, but there’s really not much more to the basic plot. It’s all in the details and the subtle undercurrents that anyone too preoccupied with the horror elements could easily miss.

Gainsbourg and Dafoe both deliver absolutely powerhouse performances. Dafoe is a caring and supportive husband. He nails every beat as a psychologist, a loving husband, and an enemy all at the same time. His voice is what is so astonishingly perfect as he guides his wife through her grief. Then there’s Gainsbourg, an absolute force to be reckoned with. It has been said that von Trier is harsh with his female actresses, giving them incredible acting challenges that could be emotionally and physically scaring. This role is no different. She scales the full range of emotion in a non-cheesy utterly believable and horrifyingly disturbing and committed way. The girl goes for it.

The unsung hero of this movie is Anthony Dod Mantle, the man who is rapidly climbing my list of favorite cinematographers. Holy moly is this film beautiful – in classical and disturbing ways. The first five minutes are some of the more beautiful footage I’ve seen in a long time. While it may seem over the top or too artsy, I thought it was perfect.

I don’t think Lars von Trier is a misogynist, but rather the opposite. There’s a lot of female empowerment throughout and Dafoe’s character never goes above and beyond in his male duties. I need to rewatch this movie before I can give a through psychological analysis, but I think I’ll wait until I’ve seen 400 more animated movies until then.

The closest zipcode is 82001 - Cheyenne, WY. This isnt Cheyenne, but Im just not sure if people in Wyoming even have TVs to watch a movie!


8 – I had really high expectations going in. He is the greatest film maker of all time!

1 – I don’t think I could actively recommend this movie to anyone, let alone my plumber.

9 – That’s a lie. Hipsters – ear your heart out (but not literally as the film may suggest)

6 – There are several reasons to cry and I may or may not have squeaked out a tear or two, but fear holds tears at bay for the majority of the film.

2 – Charlotte Gainsbourg and Anthony Dod Mantle. Truly top line stuff.


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