How many puns Cannes I make?

That’s right.

I will be going to the 64th Cannes Film Festival. I won’t only be going to ogle at the stars, I am the sole student going AS PRESS! I will have a fancy (but lowly) press pass, a comfy spot in the press box between Matt Lauer and Manohla Dargis, access to all of the Press Conferences where I can hear Johnny Depp do Keith Richards impresonations, and obviously I get to see all the films.

In case you don’t grasp the sense of occasion, this is more than a once in a life time experience for me. Your average movie nerd just can’t waltz into the Cannes Festival and throw back a box of Good & Plenty during a screening. It’s industry and press only and somehow I’m press.

Every day from now on, there I’ll post my every thought, prediction, review, critique, criticism, party hopping, press release, star photo, glaring opinion, diatribe or adoration right here. The festival officially starts on Wednesday the 11th, but I will be arriving late that night so I will miss only the opening film – and you might already know I hate Woody Allen so it’s no great loss here.

Let the Festival BEGIN!

Cannes Pun Count: 1


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