Life and Times: Jack Black

The crazy eyes tell you he's funny.

Jack Black is something of an anomaly in the entertainment industry. And by that I mean he’s incredibly talented. He’s probably the only comedian I would describe as a triple threat and he’s actually funny (I’m looking at you Steve Carell). He also has an honest rise to fame. He worked hard, took small roles, and was just super talented and continues to make good movies. He’s even a Golden Globe nominee for School of Rock. I think that as soon as the right role about a mentally handicapped abusive father comes around, he’s got himself an Oscar nomination.

Jack Black officially has the most boring life for a celebrity and I’m fine with it. He’s going to be 42 years old in August and has been happily married for 5 years. He dropped out of UCLA to pursue an acting career (No degree? In this economy? Good luck!) and Tim Robbins remembered him and cast him in things.

But let’s take a visual history through the man’s mystical career, ja?

The first worthy thing  Jack Black did was guest star on the absurd sketch show Mr. Show. Here is easily the best sketch from that show, The Joke: The Musical. What you need to know? Earlier someone tells a bad joke. The joke goes like this:

A man goes up to a farmhouse and asks for a place to say and the farmer tells him he can sleep in the barn on one condition – the man cannot stick his penis in any of the three holes. So the man jams his cock into hole one and it feels great. He jams it into hole #2 and it feels mindblowingly good. When he rocks that bad boy into the final hole, he feels an incredible pain and what ever was touching him wont let go. The farmer returns the next morning to find the man in pain. The farmer describes that his wife was behind the first hole, his daughter was behind the second, and behind the third was the cow’s milking machine that won’t let go until it has 50 gallons of milk. The end.

See? Not funny. But you bet this clip is wonderful.

Black then landed himself an HBO series of his own, Tenacious D. The band actually came before the show, but it certainly all of its fame from this masterfully weird show. So weird. This is my favorite Tenacious D song, because really, whose isn’t it?

And then Jack got his break out role as best friend in Barry. I will just let the clip speak for itself.

Then he acted in a series of shitty movies and now Kung Fu Panda 2 is coming out this weekend! That’s the story. He’s really made himself known as just a generic comedy icon, but he’s actually got some great stuff on the interwebs.

My favorite thing is when celebrities do things on Sesame Street. It’s always weird looking at them in kiddie mode. Jack Black teaches us about the word “octagon” – because who better knows when to stop…

And here’s some shameless Kung Fu Panda promotion that’s actually worth watching… and you should click it.

And now, here’s a list of Jack Black’s 10 best movies as taken from IMDb, Flickchart, Metacritic, and Rotten Tomatoes:

1. High Fidelity
2. School of Rock
3. Kung Fu Panda
4. King Kong
5. Tropic Thunder
6. Ice Age
7. Enemy of the State
8. Dead Man Walking
9. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy
9. Be Kind Rewind
9. Bob Roberts

That’s a really weird list considering he has cameos in most of them… Get on your shit J.B!


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