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June 2, 2011

Peter Dinklage: Emmy Nominee

Or at least that’s what headlines should read when they announce Emmy nominations on July 14th.  The man is a beast on one of the coolest new shows on TV. If you’re not watching Game of Thrones, go to whatever website you illegally download things from and catch up fast. And then you’ll realize (here it comes…) the biggest performance comes from the littlest actor.

But seriously. Dinklage is out acting all of these other fools. Maybe it’s because he has a more fun character, but he humanizes the mostly hatable Tyrion Lannister. He never self pities and can command anyone with a charm so unique you don’t really know why you like him. He doesn’t fight, but he wins every battle he’s in and he’s kinda this prick that’s born into royalty. But he’s the only Lannister any viewer could possibly like.

Dinklage always plays the truth of his character, even when he’s lying. And I think occasionally he gets to bone various whores because it’s a George R.R. Martin novel and the R’s stand for “Rape Rape”  – not my nickname. And Dinklage is at least as good as any of those twats on Mad Men or Lost taking up all the nominations. Also, this would be a huge deal for the L.Ps of the world – he might be the first person with dwarfism to win a major acting award and that’s, erm, huge!