And (I think) the Oscar goes to…

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The Oscars are finally here. And since I need to spend tomorrow getting ready for my first annual Oscar party, I’m putting my predictions up today! Now this is something we all have been thinking about since well before even all of the movies get released, so it feels almost boring to put some finality to it (especially since I am a little too proud in calling The Artist’s victory earlyish). Fortunately, there are a few categories here and there that are up for debate and we can always expect one or two fun surprises. If a category needs explanation, I’ll give it, but you don’t need to hear any other random bloggers talk about Hugo’a Art Direction or Ludovic Bource’s score.


Winner: The Artist

Runner-Up: Um… Hugo?

My Personal Vote: The Tree of Life



Winner: Michel Hazanavicius

Runner-Up: Martin Scorsese

My Vote: Terrence Malick (I do think there is more of a chance he will win then Woody Allen or Alexander Payne. I feel he has a lot of respect in the Academy and this movie is direction on display. However, The Artist is too and is not the least deserving winner.)



Winner: Jean Dujardin – The momentum is there.

Runner-Up: George Clooney

My Vote: Jean Dujardin



Winner: Viola Davis – This is her year! The narrative is just so much stronger than anything else. She’s a hardworking black woman representing the black film and she gives an amazing performance. If not now, then when?

Runner-Up: Meryl Streep – Always a bridesmaid, only a bride twice about 30 years ago.

My Vote: Michelle Williams – Yup.


Supporting Actor:

Winner: Christopher Plummer

Runner-Up: Max von Sydow?

My Vote: Christopher Plummer


Supporting Actress:

Winner: Octavia Spencer

Runner-Up: Melissa McCarthy – She could be the Helen Hunt of this year. And I think people just like rewarding her. Is that weird?

My Vote: This is tough. I would want to vote for Jessica Chastain, but for her body of work. I wonder if there are others who do this? If I had to vote for the single performance, it would be Berenice Bejo.


Original Screenplay:

Winner: Midnight in Paris

Runner-Up: The Artist

My Vote: Margin Call?


Adapted Screenplay:

Winner: The Descendants

Runner-Up: Moneyball

My Vote: Hugo (begrudgingly)


Art Direction

Winner: Hugo

Runner-Up: The Artist

My Vote: Hugo



Winner: The Tree of Life

Runner-Up: The Artist – While I’m The Tree of Life’s number one fan, whenever someone asks me what my predictions are, I make a slip up and I always say The Artist for Cinematography because it just seems like where people want to aim the black and white movie that looks like a square. I seem to forget that The Tree of Life is even in the Oscar race. This makes me concerned…

My Vote: The Tree of Life


Costume Design:

Winner: Hugo

Runner-Up: Jane Eyre

My Vote: W.E. (even though I haven’t seen the movie, I saw the W magazine spread)

So obviously it seems like any of the five could win, which is crazy. I’ve decided that W.E. and Anonymous were both poorly reviewed and royalty extravaganzas so the people who vote for poorly reviewed royalty extravaganzas will cancel each other out. I hesitate to think that people will vote for the black and white costumes of The Artist, especially when they were probably designed in color. I’m giving the edge to Hugo just because of the large nomination count and I think if the academy liked Jane Eyre more, it would’ve been nominated in 1 or 2 other places (Dario Marianelli for Score, for example).


Film Editing:

Winner: The Artist

Runner-Up: Hugo

My Vote: Hugo



Winner: The Iron Lady

Runner-Up: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

My Vote: The Iron Lady


Original Score:

Winner: The Artist

Runner-Up: Hugo

My Vote: The Artist


Original Song:

Winner: Man or Muppet

Runner-Up: Real in Rio (obviously)

My Vote: Man or Muppet.


Sound Editing:

Winner: War Horse

Runner-Up: Transformers: Dark of the Moon – I was determined to predict this as the winner, but when I did some research, the war movies dominate this category. Whenever a war movie hasn’t won, it’s because no war movie was nominated.

My Vote: Hugo


Sound Mixing:

Winner: Hugo – I don’t know why I’m predicting a split… mostly to hedge my bets, but splits are the kind of thing that only happen with a war movie and an artsier best picture frontrunner so this doesn’t seem impossible. Think Letters from Iwo Jima and Dreamgirls winning trophies.

Runner-Up: War Horse

My Vote: Hugo


Visual Effects:

Winner: Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Runner-Up: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

My Vote: Rise of the Planet of the Apes


Animated Feature:

Winner: Rango

Runner-Up: Chico and Rita?

My Vote: Puss in Boots? – This is my least favorite category of nominees this year by a long shot. Adapted Screenplay is a close second.


Foreign Film:

Winner: A Separation – I don’t think it will get snubbed because it seems so much more accessible than something like Un Prophete. But what if it was one of those movies saved by that executive committee…

Runner-Up: In Darkness

My Vote: Abstain.


Documentary Feature:

Winner: Pina

Runner-Up: Hell and Back Again


Live Action Short Film:

Winner: Raju – I never see these, but a friend went to the Live Action shorts program at our local theater and this was her favorite.

Runner Up:  Tuba Atlantic


Animated Short Film:

Winner: The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

Runner-Up: La Luna


Documentary Short:

Winner: Saving Face

Runner-Up: The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom


Wish me luck on Sunday!



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