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April 3, 2012

Sunday Night Death Match: Game of Thrones vs. The Killing

A couple of nights ago, two of the more awaited shows of the Spring started their second seasons. Of course, I’m talking about Game of Thrones and The Killing. While these two shows are very different, they actually share a lot of the same DNA. They were both prestigious television awards bait that debuted last year. They both had impressive pilots that were extremely well received with many members of the cast receiving specific nods. They both rely largely on tone, strong visuals, and heavy conversations. And finally, they both had extremely controversial endings.

But I want to talk about which show I’m personally more impressed by going into this season. Since I’ve never read the books, Game of Thrones left me with the rest of the unsuspecting audience in complete shock as Eddard Stark played by headline actor Sean Bean was brutally killed off. I’m still kind of speechless and this happened a year ago. Going into this season I was hoping for a few things: vengeance for this deed and dragons!

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