My Most Anticipated Movies of 2013!

A year ago, I wrote my Top 10 most anticipated of 2012 and… well… it actually turned out well. Besides my ill-fated hopes for This Means War to be charming the other 6 movies all turned out to be winners. If you can do math, 6 + 1 does not equal 10. This is because three of the flicks on my list were pushed back to 2013! And what a difference a year makes! This past year I started more than ever to dive down deeper into the film vaults and catch up on classics, modern directors, documentaries, and everything in between. This past year all of the so-called “Oscar-bait” turned out to be top-notch. I’m hoping for a few more interesting failures next year, but these are the movies I don’t care if they fail or succeed – I’ll be the first in line.


10. Star Trek Into Darkness

Release Date: May 17th


Full disclosure – I am not a trekkie. I’ve never seen the TV Show or any of the original movies. I couldn’t tell you which character says “Beam me up, Scotty!” and for that matter I don’t really know who Scotty is. That all being said, I loved the re-boot, re-imagining or re-whatever. Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, the current godfathers of the geek genre, crafted an origin story simple enough so that new-comers to the universe (me) could get their feet wet and finally understand where “Live Long and Prosper” comes from, but they also satisfied many hard-core nerds by giving a new story that if you wanted to split hairs could still be considered canonical! And now there’s a sequel with Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch. I’ll be there at midnight.


9. The World’s End

Release Date: October 25th


It seems like 2013 is the year of the apocalypse comedy now that we all understand the world isn’t actually ending. If Orci and Kurtzman are the godfathers of the geek universe, Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost are the crazy uncles. Edgar Wright has a perfect batting average in my mind and if I have to see one apocalypse comedy, I would want it to be his. It is sure to be smart, funny, stupid, and very British. Also, my secret girlfriend Rosamund Pike is involved. I’ve sat through some pretty terrible movies just to look at her (I’ve since learned my lesson and whenever I need a fix I just watch An Education).  Also, this comes out right around Halloween and with any luck it should be the perfect horror/thriller/comedy I’ll be craving.


8. August: Osage County

Release Date: Let’s be real… Oscar Season although a few weeks before Labor Day would be much more appropriate.


If I had to make a top 10 plays I was most anticipating to ever see about 3 years ago, this would have made the list. So my friend and I drove 7 hours one Saturday to Los Angeles, saw the play, spent the night out with a friend, and then drove 7 hours home the next morning. It wasn’t the most sensible idea, but I did get to see this fantastic play. It’s kind of everything you want in a play-that’s-about-to-be-turned-into-a-movie. There’s crazy pants acting, family problems, alcoholism, fights, and it’s one of those “the city of Baltimore is a character” things too. In this case, it’s their gigantic country house that seems to contain all of the family’s secrets in its walls. I’m so excited to see what John Wells does with this, but mostly and obviously, I’m excited for the Streep. And she’s backed up by Ewan McGregor, Chris Cooper, Sam Shepard, Julia Roberts, Cinnamon Bandersnatch, Little Miss Sunshine, and Dylan McDermott Dermot Mulroney. All-stars.


7. Knight of Cups

Release Date: ???

Terrence Malick is the man. And to express my excitement for his 2013 release that isn’t To The Wonder (which I haven’t seen but I will also be in line for), let me just make a quick list of the little we know about this movie from the IMDb page. A Man, tempations, celebrity, excess, tarot cards. Okay. I’m in. Oh and it has Cate Blanchett, Natalie Portman, Christian Bale, Antonio Banderas, The Killing’s bonkers Joel Kinnaman, the magnificent Holly Hunter, his broodiness Wes Bentley, the werewolf from True Blood Joe Manganiello, and the dirty sounding Imogen Poots (hee hee!) and that’s all I need.


6. Pacific Rim

Release Date: July 12th


Oh boy. Now I haven’t seen a great alien invasion movie in a very long time (I still haven’t seen Attack the Block. Don’t kill me!). But when you’ve got a director has crazy and dark as Guillermo Del Toro at the helm, who knows what will happen?!? Is it going to be an homage to B-movies? Maybe! What about an earnest action shoot-em-up? Who knows?!? All I know is that if the Comic Con people are this excited, I should be too. Guillermo Del Toro has always deserved to make a big budget movie (not a fake big budget movie like Hellboy) so I can’t wait to see what wondrous graphics and designs he’ll employ.

5. I’m So Excited (Los Amantes Pasajeros)

Release Date: March 8th(Spain)/November 22nd (US)


The title says it all. The trailer says it even more. If you don’t love Almodovar, get out of my blog (No please, come back!). I don’t care what it’s about. I don’t care who is in it. I’ll just watch the trailer again.


4. The Great Gatsby

Release Date: May 10th


For whatever silly reason, but most likely a need to be unique, I didn’t include Baz Luhrmann’s new production design-gasm in my most anticipated of 2012 list. But I was just being coy. Of course I’m excited. We are all excited. I have a soft spot for Isla Fisher. Carey Mulligan is my one true love. But the real reason I have to include it on my list is the breaking news that Jay-Z could be doing the score. As tempting as it is to write some bull shit about contemporary rap and its parallels to the modernity of the 1920s and something or other about the lost generation, I just couldn’t care less. I’m so confused and intrigued that I’m creating a portmanteau. I’m totally confrigued about this development. Oscar Winner Jay-Z. You heard it here first.



3. Twelve Years a Slave

Release Date: Let’s guess… Venice then an October Oscar push


I’ll be honest, I had completely forgotten about this future gem of a film. The premise is a man in the 1800s gets kidnapped and sold into slavery in the South. Sounds exciting. The cast however is so ridiculously overwhelming that I can’t take it. My idol Brad Pitt, my penis double Michael Fassbender, Eggs Benedict, the whispery lispery Sarah Paulson, the never-not-fantastic-except-in-Cosmopolis Paul Giamatti, the actually never-not-fantastic Garrett Dillahunt, pint-sized newcomer Quvenzhané Wallis and her fake father Dwight Henry, my new discovery Scoot McNairy, and Alfre Woodard who I first discovered as a crazy neighbor hiding her murderous son in the basement in Desperate Housewives. Wow. I just can’t wait to see what Steve McQueen does next. He’s easily my favorite new voice in cinema.



2. Gravity

Release Date: October 18th


If there’s one thing that really gets me excited, it’s contained space movies. So this 2-person “stranded in space” drama/thriller with His Clooneyness and Sandy B. is right up my alley. Who isn’t always looking for excellent Sci-Fi (it’s sci-fi if it takes place in space, right?). What’s more is that it’s directed by the superb Alfonso Cuarón who always does something interesting. There are so many unknowns about this project, but we do know it should be a sight to behold. And to all of those Bullock haters, she’s a lot better of an actress than we say she is. My Bullock Rule is that whenever she looks like Sandra Bullock, she’s an American treasure. Whenever they try and ugly her up or throw a wig on her or whatever, she’s an embarrassment (or at least not up to her full potential). I think she will look normal and I think she will be fantastic.



1. World War Z

Release Date: June 21st


If my number one favorite working actor Brad Pitt is saving lives both on set and on screen, absolutely count me in. And it’s directed by the ever-curious Marc Forster, who I think has an incredibly fun career, I’m excited. While the whole zombie apocalypse thing has seemingly run its course, I always think there’s room for new and exciting genre films. Add the fact that the book has long been on the eternal reading list and The Killing’s astonishing Mireille Enos also stars and I’m super excited. I used to think this would just be a small sleeper hit thing, but it’s getting the big tent pole push. I hope it brings the goods


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