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October 8, 2010

Community: The Psychology of Letting Go

Community! The show that everyone should be watching. Let’s face it. This show is almost too funny and here’s why:

1) The show is super referential and obviously that’s right up any TV watchers alley.

2) The supporting cast is phenomenal. Have you ever seen an interview of all of them together? They act like they have known each other for years.

3) It’s the perfect blend of every type of comedy. High, low, one-liners, puns, situations, references, absurdism, awkward humor – it’s got it all. Literally, something for everyone.


In this most recent episode, Shirley watches Annie and Britta fight over their tactics for raising money for the oil spill. It ends in… MUD WRESTLING! Win! Chang deals with a restraining order, Pierce deals with the death of his mother, and Jeff learns something about tolerance of others… typical.

The truly interesting thing about this episode is that it is the third episode this week to deal with religion. The first was Glee’s “Grilled Cheesus” which took a very sad look at everyone’s beliefs in the light of Kurt’s dad having a heart attack. Then “Modern Family” had Manny questioning God after Jay denounced church and there was an earthquake. Now “Community” deals with differing view of the afterlife in Pierce’s unconventional view of what happens to his mother’s spirit (she’s a level 5 lotus queen, or something).

This episode was great because it had Chevy Chase just being plain crazy, instead of mean crazy. It was refreshing. He is the only part of this show that makes me uncomfortable. While I love Pierce, I don’t think the show knows quite how to manage him and rarely gives him an emotional arc. It’s nice to see that he finally gets a little more to work with. And Chevy Chase will always go the extra mile to get the laugh. He gets set on fire, makes fun of himself and old people, and I think does more offensive and hurtful things than any other cast member, which is saying something.

Overall, this episode isn’t one of their modern classics, but this show has yet to disappoint. Oh, and surprise Betty White cameo?!?! Yes.

Top 5 Quotes:

“Did you guys hear about that turtle in China? 2 Packs a day.” – Jeff

“And the pelicans are covered in oil. Everyone loves pelicans. They bring babies.” – Annie

“Let’s get going. Paps aren’t going to smear themselves.” – Jackie (Patton Oswalt)

“I’m so glad [the oil spill] overshadowed Haiti. I had no ideas for that.” – Annie

“Say ‘Say ‘Bitter much?’ much?’ much?” – Annie (I only put this one on so everyone could see Annie’s meta meta sentence.)