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October 7, 2010

Modern Family: Earthquake

Modern Family, this year’s Emmy winner for Outstanding Comedy, has yet to disappoint this season. In their third episode, “Earthquake,” Jay renounces church and an earthquake strikes their tiny community. Cam (Emmy winner Eric Stonestreet) and Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) attempt to turn down their friend Pepper’s (Nathan Lane) party, but Pepper ends up coming over. Now I’m as big of a Nathan Lane fan as anyone, but in this role he seemed a little over-the-top. I loved him when I saw him on broadway in The Producers and he’s great in The Birdcage, but here he’s just a little grating.

The Jay renouncing God and going golfing with Manny seemed a little contrived, but I love them both so much it doesn’t really matter. The Dunphy family plot-line, however, was hilarious. During the earthquake, Claire was trapped in the bathroom with the plumber, and Phil decided to take his time helping her get out. Julie Bowen is always refreshing and endearing as Claire and her chemistry with Phil is hilarious. They are the true bright spot of the show.

Overall, definitely a solid episode, but not one of the best. And Julie Bowen shines again. How awesome is she?

Top 5 Quotes:

“I have been studying all weekend. No friends no phone. Just me and books. I feel like Alex”. – Haley   “You’re never alone when you have books”. – Alex

Oscar Wilde and Crazy Brunch, Studio 54th of July BBQ, Satyr-day Night Fever – Pepper’s Parties

(Grounding Haley) “Make it 4 weeks”. – Claire “Double it again and make it 10 weeks!” – Haley

“I’m probably going to have a Latino kid carry my clubs anyway. Might as well be you”. – Jay

(Sliding a baking sheet under the door) “Hey Mom. I brought you some soda, but I couldn’t find any straws, so you’ll have to drink it like cats”. – Luke