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January 23, 2011

Movie Review: “The Green Hornet”? More like “The Green SNORE-net”!

I’m back from hiatus. Who said that you can’t write movie reviews while in a foreign country?

The Green Hornet (4/10)

Joy aside, I made an awful decision with my first new movie back into the fray. The all too verdant comic-to-movie adaptation of The Green Hornet was one of the most disjointed, misguided, and unaffecting adventures I’ve seen in a while. As the Green Hornet (not the movie, the avenger) tries to turn himself into a bad guy, I would like to point out the people who became bad guys and decided to be a part of this movie, and therefore make it unwatchable.

Let’s start small. er.

Seth Rogen’s weight loss for the movie was never marketed as if Christian Bale had competition. But Rogen looked… well relatively un-super. That’s not to take his weight loss away from him. He looked fine. But the whole time he just never had the charisma or the passion to carry this movie. With every joke funny enough to chuckle to yourself, came at least three or four that never landed at all. What’s more is that his character was so inept, that for 90% of the movie, he just stands amazed at the other characters. “I can’t believe you can do that, Kato! You can do everything!” “Cameron Diaz! You’re so smart and have a great ass! Wow!” “Chum-cough-ski! You’re the best car chaser ever!” Sorry. It wasn’t even worth it to look up characters names.

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October 19, 2010

Trailer Trash: Top Teasers

I just want to share my two favorite teaser trailers that have hit so far. They are both beautifully cut, thrilling, and they make me want to see the movie!

True Grit’s teaser trailer has recently been usurped by a lengthier, showier, regular (Worse) trailer. The teaser leaves out Bridges, Damon, and Brolin to instead feature Deakins sweeping images, a haunting (original?) song, and newcomer Hailee Steinfeld. And the barrel click at the end? Cheesy and genius! Great cut Coens!

The other trailer is for Danny Boyle’s 127 Hours. And if the trailer doesn’t impress upon you enough that it is Danny Boyle’s film, then you are as a blind as Helen Keller. It is interesting that they aren’t really trying to sell James Franco or even like Amber Tamblyn – not that she is anyone anymore, but it’s nice to see her. Mantle’s cinematography rivals Deakins and it should be a truly harrowing film. And the song has been playing in my mind for weeks.